Fuelled by a sudden spur of spontaneity, a spunky dog named Hope abandons caution to pursue a beguiling firefly deep into the forest. Eventually, Hope ventures far off course and loses sight of home. But Hope is not alone. In the forest, Hope encounters three residents whose collective wisdom elevates Hope from dispirit and despair. This heartwarming story captures the enduring power of giving and receiving hope, featuring engaging text with a rhythmic cadence and homestyle illustrations in a dreamy watercolour palette. Hopeful Hope is a charming picture book with a timeless message for readers of all ages.


The Case for Hope

We all know tough times will arise in the course of life. Perhaps, dear reader, you see a challenging moment ahead. Cultivating hope, not in spite of adversity but because of it, can be a remarkable feeling. Hope keeps us moving, especially in the most trying of circumstances. Hope reminds us to orient our outlook toward the future and to maintain positive involvement in creating good outcomes. Hope is not a passive state but, rather, an active and powerful one.

The Authors

Su-Jan Yeo and Mark Hon welcomed a spunky dog into their lives in 2010. From then on, life has been one rollicking adventure after another for our family of three.

A Labour of Love

To signify hope is to expand the horizons of possibility, and that is why Hopeful Hope aims to be inclusive. The cast of characters in Hopeful Hope is referenced sans pronouns, thereby providing readers with latitude to make those determinations for themselves. There are also five variations of Hopeful Hope to accommodate diverse family structures. With these efforts, we aspire toward creating a contemporary picture book that will resonate with all readers.

The Artwork

Su-Jan and Mark are delighted to commission and feature Hiruni Kariyawasam, an up-and-coming illustrator from Sri Lanka. Hiruni remembers fondly her cat and two dogs


Indie Author Project

The Indie Author Project is a publishing community that includes public libraries, authors, curators, and readers working together to connect library patrons with great indie-published books. Through this publishing community, Hopeful Hope was vetted by industry editorial partners and regional library editorial boards and has successfully moved to the library space!

Indie British Columbia

Hopeful Hope is available in Indie British Columbia, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across the province of British Columbia (Canada).


Families come in all sizes and arrangements!

We’re happy to present five eBook versions of Hopeful Hope.

The eBook is an EPUB file of 12MB. Download is via a Dropbox link. To enjoy the full reading experience, we highly recommend viewing the EPUB file with Apple Books (for Mac/iPad) and Adobe Digital Editions (for Windows)—both free to install.

Fam 01
Hope + Momsy

Fam 02
Hope + Popsy

Fam 03
Hope + Momsy & Popsy

Fam 04
Hope + Papa & Popsy

Fam 05
Hope + Mama & Momsy


Su-Jan and Mark are supporters of animal welfare causes. It is no surprise, then, that our spunky dog inspired us to embark on Hopeful Hope.

We are excited to debut this not-for-profit children’s picture book as an initiative of giving. We invite you to access a free copy of Hopeful Hope by donating any amount to an animal welfare organization of your choice.

Two easy steps:

1. select your version of Hopeful Hope and download instantly

2. make your donation directly to the animal welfare organization of your choice


let’s amplify the power of hope.

© Su-Jan Yeo and Mark Hon. All rights reserved.